The X Files and Psychology

A post a friend of mine made on LJ the other day got me thinking again about something I’d been thinking about the other day – academic books and The X Files. For the papers I’m writing I’ve been getting a lot of ‘The Philosophy of…’ books. A ‘Philosophy of The X Files’ book does exist. A ‘Psychology of The X Files’ book, however, doesn’t. So guess who’s now (semi-seriously) considering trying to get together an anthology of essays called ‘The Psychology of The X Files’? That’s right – as if I didn’t have enough to do!

I’m half thinking I should get my arse in gear and actually approach a publisher (I’ve found one who seems to fit the bill) with a query and see if they’d be interested. I planned to write a ‘Philosophy of The X Files’ book for years and then Dean A. Kowalski got in there first. Of course, starting a PhD, working full time and writing three papers (for conferences and journals) – all by next April – might be a bit of a sticking point. Not to mention this post makes the whole process sound like a nightmare. But just out of curiousity, would anyone be interested in reading/contributing to such an anthology if one existed?


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