Research and University

I spent yesterday researching for my papers, filling out my expression of interest form for teaching next year, reading Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward’s point of view and it’s just as bad!) and generally pottering about. Speaking of research, I now have my first typed notes! They’re not very long, but I think they’re relevant. I hope they’re relevant! The conference schedule is also up and I’m presenting in one of the last panels of the day. My name (my actual name!) is the first one out of the three of us so I don’t know if that means I go first or what. I’m on the same panel as my friend though so that’s making me feel better. Oh, and there’s a conference budget in uni that’ll pay for it =D

I have a meeting about teaching in uni tomorrow (though I’m not teaching this semester), followed by my first seminar (on semiotics, which I get more than I did but I’m still not sure I fully understand) on Wednesday and a training course and my first formal meeting with my supervisor on Friday. A busy week but I’m really looking forward to it.


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