At Least I Know I Can Write Great Abstracts

My ‘scientific nature of the whammy’ paper just got accepted for the magic and the supernatural conference in Prague. On the one hand I’m chuffed cos this is a proper (scary) conference which runs for 3 days and last year’s paper looked reakky interesting. On the other I’m turning it down because it looks scary (seriously-no powerpoint usage [which doesn’t bother me but it means people will look at me rather than shiny XF clips], picking out the main points of the paper rather than reading it because drafts get posted to the site in advance), it’s expensive (£245 plus accomodation plus flight), my supervisor would probably go a bit spare and I have no time or money to do it. But in a few years’ time hopefully I’ll be able to submit and go and that’d be cool.

In other news, I need more hours in the day and a job which leaves me with more than £74 at the end of the month (and that’s when I’m on a tight budget).

Ok. Time to get up.


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