PhD Presentation

I’ve at least done some work for the mid-year presentation my PhD group has to give to the department. The presentation is on which theory covered in our theory module will be of most use to my PhD. It’s clearly Stuart Hall’s Encoding/Decoding essay, though I’m having to find critiques of it and ways in which it’s been adapted for use in studying TV drama as the original text is about news and advertising. But nonetheless, it’s still more useful than anything else (and my supervisor has said he’s more than happy with a) that assesment and b) me using it in my PhD). I’ve only got to give a ten minute presentation so I’ve got the Powerpoint going and have the first two slides sorted. I know what example I’m going to give (we have to use the theory in the presentation so I’m going to give a short clip from TXF – possibly the Pilot, and the scene in the motel room. You know, that scene – put in a quote from CC about there being no relationship between Mulder and Scully, and then put in an excerpt from fanfic showing there very obviously being a relationship between the two. All of which will be useful in my Erotic Adaptations paper), so really I just have to write the other five minutes or so. Which hopefully won’t take long. Or at least won’t take long once I stop potching on the internet.

Oh, one thing before I go though, I finally put my signed XF poster up!

I’m so happy with it. Also, can you see my cardboard cutout?!


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