Torchwood: Miracle Day Part 1 (Spoilers)


I have to admit that as much as I’ve been really looking forward to this series, I have had mixed feelings about the move away from Wales. I know that any series needs to grow and change, but it’s so rare to have a series set very obviously in Wales (Who, for example, is produced by BBC Wales and filmed in Wales, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that from watching it. It’s a very big part of Torchwood’s identity though, and my worry has been that Americanising it would take away some of what makes it unique and such a hit. Plus, I’m Welsh. I like seeing my country on screen and recognising a vast majority of it). I still have mixed feelings on it, though I did like how much we saw of Wales in tonight’s episode, and the various references (“I have to pay for this bridge”). I can’t deny though, that working in conjunction with a US production company does mean we get some awesome effects. The whole helicopter scene was absolutely amazing! Ridiculous in an OTT action film kinda way, but you kinda expect that from Torchwood.

I think the shot of Gwen with gun in one hand, earmuffed baby in the other is possible one of the best shots I’ve seen this year. Jack’s reveal was well done, and Bill Pulman’s acting was stellar – a very different role for him. I really like the storyline as well. I’m curious to see where it goes – humanity might start fighting among themselves when food runs scarce, but they’re not going to starve to death. What effect might that have on society?

The previews for the rest of the season also looked awesome. I’ve very much looking forward to seeing what we get over the next few weeks.


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