Shabby Geek Anime Box Review

I’ve been following a few geek subscription boxes on Facebook for a while now, while I debated whether to sign up, and one of those is Shabby Geek. They posted about a deal where if you paid for six months you’d get another two months free, and the photos they’ve posted of their personalised boxes looked great so I thought I’d give it it a go. I have ordered a personalised box off them as well (which I’ll write about when I get it), but the box that arrived yesterday was August’s Anime box. I had ummed and ahhed about whether or not to actually skip this month’s, as I wouldn’t call myself an anime fan (raising, of course, questions about what I mean by ‘fan’. In this case while I love Studio Ghibli and have watched some anime, my engagement is pretty much limited to enjoyment. I don’t follow anime series, I don’t read manga, I don’t know who the main characters are and although I own a Totoro purse, bag and a couple of Ghibli plushies that’s it) but I was exicted about what I might get so thought I’d give it a go.

And I’m glad I did! I was expecting the box to be branded somehow – their Zombies box had bloody handprints on it – but I got a plain, white, well wrapped cardboard box. I’m actually expecting a couple of boxes at the moment so some clue as to who it was from would have been good, but on actually opening up the box the items in there were great and once I realised who it had come from I was even more excited.


The first thing in there was an Eren Jaeger Pop! Vinyl figure. According to the box it’s from Attack on Titan, which I’ve never seen (though I have heard of it). I’m debating whether to sell this figure on as I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to watch Attack on Titan. Next was a Shabby Geek exclusive t-shirt drawn by Sian Brierley Art and featuring a range of anime characters, some of which I recognised; most of which I didn’t. Shabby Geek had said that Sian would be drawing this month’s t-shirt so I had gone over to her Facebook to check out the artwork. She’s got some really lovely stuff over there and while the t-shirt is cool I would have rather had a different design, and a different colour! It’s very orange. I don’t do orange. I’m not sure whether to keep this as pyjamas or sell it on yet either. It’s a ladies 2xl if anyone is interested!

null null

After the t-shirt came a Death Note book. This is awesome, though again I’ve never heard of the anime! When I first saw the book I thought it was a notebook, then opened it up and saw it had instructions in it (just over half the book is filled with text and pictures) and wondered if it was a comic, then saw the blank pages and wasn’t sure. I’m still not sure (!) but after doing some Googling this morning I’ve seen my version being sold as a cosplay prop so I’m figuring it could be used as a notebook if I wanted to. And it would make a really funky notebook.


So far the items were pretty cool but the next one out of the box I loved. Look at it! How cute is that?


After some (more) Googling I’ve discovered that this little guy is called Happy and he’s from Fairy Tail (episode 1 available on Youtube: I started watching the series this morning and I’m definitely going to continue; it sounds pretty great and I like the animation. My Happy, though, comes with a sucker cap so he’s going to be stuck to the inside of my car. That’s the second thing from a geek box that’s gone into the car now. The next couple of things I had were again from franchises I don’t know. I had a Naruto headband and a pack of Bleach playing cards. Cards are always useful but I’ll probably sell the headband as I can’t see myself using it.

null null

The last item out of the box was one that I made audible noises over though. It was a Totoro umblrella! I don’t really use umbrellas but I do love Totoro (as I may have mentioned above) and this one is really cute. It’s going in my bag and I’ll definitely be using it.

nullSo although I don’t know most of the texts that were in this month’s box, it’s definitely one I was pleased with. I’m still not sure about selling some of the contents, though I have no use for them, but then that becomes collecting for the sake of collecting and while sometimes it can be useful to keep hold of stuff you wouldn’t normally buy to sell for a profit later down the line, I’m not interested in that. Regardless, though, I’m looking forward to the next box.



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