Other Writing

A collection of blog posts, book reviews and other things I’ve written.

The X-Files, by Theresa L. Geller. Book review in Journal of Popular Television

Post-object fandom: Television, identity and self-narrative, by Rebecca Williams. Book review in Transformative Works and Cultures

#GiveElsaAGirlfriend and the Importance of Mainstream Queer Cartoons. animation studies 2.0, December 12 2016.

Star Trek and American Television by Roberta Pearson Máire Messenger Davies . Book review in Journal of Media Practice

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Politics: Transmedia World-Building Beyond Capitalism by Dan Hassler-Forrest. Book review in Participations 13 (1): May 2016. 

The Ethical Hearse: Privacy, Identity and Fandom Online. The Learned Fangirl, March 25 2016.

Glory, Amen!  Reviving The X-Files and Returnin-to-Fandom Narratives. CST Online, February 25 2016.

I Want to Believe…That Chris Carter won’t ruin The X-Files: Fan/producer relationships and textual ownership. Part of The X-Files week on In Media Res, June 16 2015.

The X-Files Changed My Life. Part of the texts that changed my life series on The Outtake. May 16, 2015.

Celebrity Capital: Assessing the Value of Fame by Barrie Gunter. Book Review on LSE Review of Books. February 12, 2015

Cult Collections: Nostalgia, Fandom and Collecting Popular Culture by Lincoln Geraghty. Book Review in Participations. November 24, 2014

The Ashgate Research Companion to Fan Cultures edited by Linda Duits, Koos Zwaan and Stijn Reijnders. Book Review on LSE Review of Books. October 27, 2014

Scar Tissue: Self-Harm in Academia. Part of the mental health series of blogs on The New Academic. March 31, 2014

Johnlocked: Sherlock, Slash Fiction and the Shaming of Female Fans. New Left Project. February 18, 2014

Part-time Applications will be Considered in Exceptional Circumstances Only. Part of the Brains, Time, Money: Part-Time & Self-Funded Postgraduate Study series of blogs on The New Academic. June 20, 2013

The Third Alternative. Infinite Earths. May 24, 2013


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