I began my PhD at Cardiff University in 2010 by considering how audiences decode gender in specific cult television programmes and rewrite their understandings of it into fanfiction. Through the course of the research for my literature review I started looking at different aspects of fandom, including non-fandom and anti-fandom. Since transferring from Cardiff to Aberystwyth University 2012 I have written more in this area and have been asked to contribute several pieces on anti-fandom to book collections and journals, including: the special issue of Sexualities on Fifty Shades of Grey which I co-edited; Melissa Click’s collection Dislike, Hate and Anti-Fandom in the Digital Age, which is currently under contract with New York University Press; a special issue of the Journal of Film and Television on My Little Pony edited by Ewan Kirkland; and a special issue of the journal Transformative Works and Cultures on European Fandom.

At Aberystwyth I switched my PhD from the traditional thesis route to PhD by publication, which requires a collection of three to five articles on a similar theme which contribute original research to the field, as well as a written rationale and context for the research. In 2016, however, my supervisor moved to the University of Huddersfield and I transferred institutions with him. I also shifted the focus of my PhD (again) to look at the X-Files and Twin Peaks revivals, cult fandom and nostalgia. My PhD once again follows the traditional PhD-by-thesis route and the plan is for my thesis to be turned into a book once I’ve received my doctorate.


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